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Cover Care and Maintenance


Cleaning and Maintaining.


To help keep your covers looking and functioning better follow the instructions below.


General or light cleaning fabrics whilst still on the boat.


Gently brush off surface dust and dirt.

Hose down covers regularly with fresh water.

Allow fabric to air dry naturally.

Hose down fixings and fittings with fresh water.

Lubricate fixings and fittings.

Lubricate zips with a clear silocone spray or beeswax product.

Use a soft cloth to clean the window material inside and out.


Heavy cleaning for stubborn stains and mildew.


Remove the covers from the boat.

Use a mild non detergent soft soapy water below 100`F.

Without excessive scrubbing, clean with a soft bristle brush.

Rinse thoroughly until all residue is removed.

Repeat if necessary.

Allow fabric to air dry naturally.

For best results re-proofing of fabric for water repellencey after washing and drying is recommended.

Cover care products




Cleaning Products

Preventing mold growth.


The removal of moisture will prohibit mold growth.

When practical, allow plenty of air circulation by opening up the doors and windows, not only on the cover itself but also inside the boat as well.


Cleaning the fabric inside.


A simple clean on the inside surface of the fabric with a Milton sterilising solution will remove any 'fur' condensation contamination.


Cleaning clear vinyl windows.


Vinyl windows can be rejuvenated with the right products. Use a sponge with warm water to remove any grime and salt. Renevo window polish will remove any mircosopic scratches.


Lubricating zippers and fasteners.


Regularly lubricating zippers and fasteners will help prolong the covers lifespan. Beeswax or Snap stick is a readily available product that will do both or use a clear silocone spray to lubricate the zippers.


Do not use any solvents, chlorine solutions, abrasive detergents or bleach based products.


Do not use a jet or pressure washer.


Do not tumble dry or iron the fabrics.